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“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” - Aristotle


NESARA started in September 2015, gently and gracefully birthing an enlightened enterprise with a healing touch.

Our Promise

Our products are 100 per cent cruelty free – no animal testing of any kind is performed for any of our products.

About the Founder

Nicky Lamba believes that well being is the bedrock of beauty and satisfaction, that health is the very foundation of happiness.



Why Organic???

Shea Oh Shea!!!

What they say...

"It is so good, it's not funny"

So Nicky brings her inherent effervescence and brushes all her elegant products with a bit of fairy dust. Nesara is a range I have used and it is so good it's not funny. Folks, if you wanna feel good about yourself and gorgeous about your soul, give it a dekko. Trust me, the glow will shine through skin and within. Kudos, Nicky Lamba. Keep the flag flying.

Dr Debanshu Bhaduri Onco Surgeon, Pune

"Makes you feel extra special"

There are few things more gratifying than discovering an item that instantly lights you up and makes you feel extra special. And that is the very effect the exquisitely handmade body luxuries from Nesara by Nicky does?. The aroma of the lavender bathing bar, the freshness of the face mist, the soothing feel of the sugar skin polish are now a part of my list of 'life's little pleasures'. Thanks Nicky mam,your passion and love completely reflects on what Nesara is and what it stands for. ???

Dr Nithya Manayath Onco Surgeon, Bengaluru

"Excellent job"

Nesara.....each and every product is handmade with love and that's what makes it extra special. I loved the light mousse.Its so perfect for humid days.And just for extra hydration the spray does an excellent job.Cant wait to try the new teas!???

Shikha Bajaj Housewife, Singapore

"Absolutely incredible"

I have tried many products but I always end up coming back to Nesara products. The creams, soaps and scrubs are fantastic. My skin has never looked healthier and prettier. The sugar scrub is a good clean product that brings the natural beauty ahead. My skin is nourished and feels soft – and all natural! I’m just so happy and satisfied my skin, isn't as greasy as before and more radiant and clean. I highly recommend it and it’s worth every penny.

Saleha Bootwala Professor, Pune

"A treat for the senses"

Nesara’s harmonising, rejuvenating and nourishing products are a treat for the senses and perfect for self care rituals. I highly recommend the delicious looking nearly edible soaps.

Amena Anantishi Healer, Manila

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Sign Up now and get 15% off on the first order

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