August 2018

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#1 Organic Products use High Quality Ingredients Without a smorgasbord of unnatural, lab synthesized chemicals to stuff inside them, Organic Cosmetics and daily skincare products use only what Mother Nature gave them - raw, unadulterated ingredients free of nasty additives and

Nicky Lamba believes that well being is the bedrock of beauty and satisfaction, that health is the very foundation of happiness. She infuses this principle into all of Nesara’s works in pursuit of the perfect human experience, using nature’s timeless

Our products are 100 per cent cruelty free - no animal testing of any kind is performed for any of our products. Everything is hand-made, created with an artistic touch and watchful eye. We adhere to the strict regulatory standards stipulated

NESARA started in September 2015, gently and gracefully birthing an enlightened enterprise with a healing touch. Ever since, it has been on a crusade to spread awareness about the relevance of well-being in leading more fulfilling lives. The food we