Nesara by Nicky

Clarifying & Moisturizing Duo

Rs. 3,050
A burst of hydration for glowing skin

The perfect match to revitalize dull, damaged skin back to its original radiance, our Clarifying & Moisturizing Duo with the Purging Purity Organic Facewash and Facial Felicity Organic Moisturizer is designed to replenish your skin’s natural beauty. The Facewash ensures your skin is rid of all impurities as it cleanses, while the Moisturizer retains the skin’s coveted hydration levels by preventing any moisture loss and repairing the skin barrier. Wake up to healthier, happier skin!


The Duo:


Key Ingredients: Turmeric Oil, Lavender, Organic Corn Oil

Say goodbye to those pesky breakouts and embrace a flawless complexion that’ll liven up any room you enter, with Turmeric Oil to fight acne, Lavender to soothe and fight damage and Organic Corn Oil with Vitamin C to eliminate spots. 

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia), Turmeric Oil (Curcuma Longa), Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Saponified Organic Corn Oil (Zea Mays), Rice Bran Oil (Oryza Sativa), Organic Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Blend of Organic Herbal Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Album), Extract of Organic Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamomum), Lemon Oil (Citrus Medica Limonum), Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe Barbadensis) and Demineralised water


Key Ingredients: Carrot Extract, Cucumber Extract, Organic Aloe Vera
Give your skin a dose of much-needed hydration with our Facial Felicity Organic Moisturizer. Carrot Extract regenerates skin cells deep within the barrier with antioxidants & Vitamins A, C & E, while Cucumber Extract hydrates and Organic Aloe Vera soothes. 

Carrot Extract (Daucus Carota Sativa), Extract of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus), Organic Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe Barbadensis), Organic Corn Oil (Zea Mays), Vegetable Glycerine, Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), E. Wax, Natural Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum), Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Pomegranate Extract (Punta granatum), Natural Preservative from Salinaturals with Essential Oils of Geranium, Lavender and Creamy Rose.


The Method: 

Step 1: Cleanse with the Facewash by thoroughly massaging the product into the skin, ensuring you reach all areas of the face. 

Step 2: Moisturize with damp skin to ensure there’s no loss of moisture and gently pat it in. 

Use our Clarifying & Moisturizing Duo in the AM & PM consistently, and watch your skin regain its vitality and lustre. 

Can You Use It? 

All our products are meant for those above 13 years of age. 

The Clarifying and Toning Duo is ideal for Dry/Combination skin types. While other skin types are welcome to try, we recommend performing a patch test prior to application just to be safe. 


Respect For Mother Nature

All our products are created with certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients sustainably sourced from Mother Nature. We are proud to state that we use pure, unadulterated, and nourishing ingredients handcrafted with love. All our ingredients are sourced directly from their places of origin around the world. 


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Product Technicalities:

Quantity: 150ml
Net Weight: 170gm
Box Dimensions: 19*15*9
Manufacturing Location: Auroville
Expiry: 24 months

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