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Raising the bar - Monika Monalisa

They are natural and they smell great, there is no reason why you won't fall in love with handmade soaps. This might work the same way as regular soaps but people prefer handmade and organic soaps.

K Venkataramani, managing director of Health & Glow, says, "In the last two years we have seen increasing consumption of natural, herbal, ingredient-based products. Compared to regular soaps, today's soap makers use interesting ingredient which are not harmful to skin."


Artisan soaps have become the new luxury. Goat milk, rose petals, orange blossom, mango butter, bamboo charcoal - now your soap contains exotic stuff. Nicky Lamba, founder of Nesara, an organic luxury skincare brand, has always been fascinated by the process of making scrubs and ubtans. The obsession was so much that she learnt the art of soap making using botanical extracts from England. According to her, the artisan soaps have so much of nourishing element that it automatically categorises as a luxury product. "Artisanal soaps made from cold pressed ingredients are expensive because they have a lot of virgin nourishing oils and butters in them. We also add different kind of botanical extracts and herbs to it.'', she says.