Our Philosophy

Nesara started in September 2015, gently and gracefully birthing an enlightened enterprise with a healing touch. Ever since, it has been on a crusade to spread awareness about the relevance of well-being in leading more fulfilling lives. The food we eat and the cosmetics we use are often laden with unfriendly chemicals and additives meant to please the senses and lengthen the shelf-life of the product. Nesara is the Sanskrit word for Nature and true to it's meaning, not just a venture, but an art form. Dreaming and designing to do good, it gives thrust and scale to ethical plant-based production and consumption, where everything is healthy, handmade and imbued with the holistic power of Mother Nature. The objective is to make you feel nourished, live better and rest easy, knowing that the products that you are using are made with pure, unadulterated ingredients, sourced from their places of origin.

Aspiring to extract the best from nature's vast repertoire, Nesara creates fresh and pure formulations to achieve the perfect fusion of traditional and modern-day self care. A Nesara, the ingredients are the product. What is promised is what you get.