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The dawn of an idea

Nicky Lamba

NESARA By Nicky: the sacred ritual of being at one with Nature. In September 2015,  gently and gracefully birthing an enlightened enterprise with a healing touch, was Founder Nicky Lamba with NESARA By Nicky. Created with the aim of providing a holistic yet efficacious approach to skincare, NESARA by Nicky is the culmination of the raw power of plants and herbs with formulations that will release the glow within, paving the way to healthy, happy skin. Read more

Potions crafted with virtue

The Power of Nature

We believe skincare is skin food—invigorating the mind, body & spirit with fresh, ethical ingredients leads to skin that is radiant with vitality. Our products are formulated with the purest of botanical extracts, designed to energize your skin with the goodness of Mother Nature. Vegan, cruelty-free & USDA certified, our products are made with you and the planet in mind, striking a balance to keep both spotless with clarity. Read more. 

Ethical, conscious & organic

Beauty With A Conscience

We see ourselves as ‘Keepers of The Beauty Conscience’, with a commitment to ethically formulating and creating self-care products with sustainably sourced ingredients. NESARA By Nicky’s creations are ethically sourced from their places of origin around the world, using cold-press techniques to retain the pure essence of the botanicals. NESARA By Nicky’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable and USDA Certified Organic, with a strict no-plastic policy. Read more.

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We owe much of our existence to the Earth. She has generously bestowed upon us all we could ever need—nourishment, shelter, clothing, and the most vital of all: solutions. Let’s return the favour, shall we? Project Greenery is just that: our humble efforts to give back in kind to the primordial provider.

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