The hidden mysteries of the ecocosm, conscientiously harvested. 

Over eons of evolution, Mother Nature has perfected her methods of creation in a manner most extraordinary: Her seamless adaptation to the environment while strengthening the innate excellence present in each form of life, undeterred resilience is Her ultimate practice. The result? Rich, luxurious and lush botanicals that soothe, heal and calm not just our bodies, but our senses. We respect the sacred bond between Her and us, her children. Ergo, our formulations are transparent, infused with masterful blends, and crafted with special attention to our impact on Her. Ecologically conscious and holistically wholesome, our range of offerings are here to give you an experience that transcends skincare—it is a way of life. 

Organic, luxurious, clean...that’s the NESARA By Nicky promise. 


Our ingredients, aside from being sustainably obtained, are cherished from the moment of procurement. In our bid to ensure the essence of each element is preserved, we take pride in sourcing them from their origins across the globe. 

Here are a few of our spotlight ingredients and their country of origin:
Chamomile: Europe
Olive: Italy
Shea Butter: Ghana, Africa
Yucca: South America
Almond: Middle East
Oats, Basil & Coconut: India

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir

We are but manifestations of the cosmic divine. We come from Her, we return to Her—this is the fundamental truth upon which all of Life thrives. This is the cosmic truth that NESARA By Nicky honours. An enthralling harmony of science and Nature, our souls nurture the inextricable marriage between Air, Fire, Water, Sun and Earth. Down to the quantum elements that formed the foundations of our primordial homes—our body—we are forged by the stars and nourished by the planet. 

It is now time to return to our purest origins. 

Thank you for being a part of the NESARA By Nicky journey.

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