When I am asked “What is NESARA By Nicky?” I often wonder, how do you define a brand that is based on a feeling? A feeling of love and compassion? A feeling of harmony and nourishment? A feeling of nature?

NESARA By Nicky—is just that! Being nature. An homage to the wisdom of Mother Earth. 

My journey began around 17 years ago, when I joined a cancer hospital as a counselling psychologist to help patients cope with the challenges they face and look after themselves. I conducted numerous workshops on lifestyle modification for disease prevention; those were the days when the relevance of nourishing organic living came to be scientifically recognised as a silent factor in keeping illnesses at bay. 

That was the start of my tryst with holistic health & well being. 

Being brought up in a typical Indian household, where girls grew up seeing their mothers and grandmothers use simple grains, powders, butters and oils, flowers and herbs to naturally beautify themselves, I always found myself working in tandem with Mother Nature. My interest in the healing and nourishing powers of herbs and plants lead me to study Herbalism to gain an insight into their dynamics. 

Interestingly, some of the greatest medical discoveries actually came from plants and that intrigued me. Aspirin was inspired by the therapeutic properties of Willow Bark, and penicillin had its humble origins as a mold!

Today, it's easy to forget that Nature has provided so richly for our needs. Centuries ago, people understood this deeply and used healing plant extracts with great success. In many ways, my mind has been infused with the nurturing sparks of herbs and plants. 

To further hone my skills, I went on to study Organic Skincare Formulation and Anti-Ageing Skincare Formulation from a leading Organic Skincare Science School - Formula Botanica, attending additional conferences in London thereafter. I also learned Cold-Process Soap making from a serene and enchanting lady who called herself “The Herbalist,” in a lovely little town called Devon, England, which opened up the fascinating world of good-old traditional soap-making for me. 

I strongly believe that you can’t go wrong with the goodness of nature, whether it's the food you eat, or the skin you’re in; this led to the amalgamation of my passion and my profession. 

NESARA By Nicky, to me, is not just an entrepreneurial venture—it’s an art form that attempts to bring the wisdom of nature back into our lives, with all its magic and imperfections; feeding our skin and our bodies with organic nourishment, connecting us to our heritage where self-care produce came from pantries and farms. And this is reflected in the sourcing of our ingredients—fresh and pure herbs and flowers, cold pressed oils and infusions, floral waters and extracts that uplift the skin and the soul. 

No journey worth having is easy, and developing a great vision worth achieving takes time and patience.  I like to focus on silent revolutions which have a long term impact.  

And when you have the universal power as a guiding force, life unfolds through osmosis. Like Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

I hope you indulge in the luxury that Mother Nature has to offer with our humble creations, and bloom with your inner radiance. 

Nicky Lamba



After completing his BCA from MIT college in Pune, unlike his peers, Aniket Borhade chose to fuel his passion in a different way—by following his true calling and giving back to society. To fulfill this, Aniket went on to work with NGOs that fought for animal rights, veganism & sustainable living, such as Living Free in Pune. While there, he managed and planned their events/activities, and ideated awareness campaigns for the cause as well. As someone who chose the vegan way of life in 2015, Aniket found the cause of sustainability, cruelty-free living & veganism close to his heart, even founding his own small business of 100% natural holi colours made of fruits, plants and vegetables.

Aniket’s introduction to beauty came from his mother, who herself is a beautician by profession. He was exposed to beauty treatments and formulations as a child, thus piquing his interest in natural formulations. At NESARA By Nicky, he found the perfect amalgamation of everything he was passionate about in one place: holistic wellness, organic formulations, and eco-friendly processing. He admires the clarity they have in their vision, and is excited for where the future takes the brand. 



(Business Development Manager) 

Hailing from Pune, Ankita Kirad has a Master's degree in Marketing, and has been working with NESARA By Nicky as the Business Development Manager since December, 2020. She and her family reside in Pune. In her free time, she loves spending quality time with her son along with travelling. 

Being a mother, she went through her own share of turbulent skin conditions, and since then has been an active explorer of skin care products. NESARA by Nicky has helped her develop healthy, radiant skin while adding a personal touch to her career. After trying our products herself, she defines them well for our customers as well. She adds value by understanding our customer's concerns and recommends the most suitable products to them accordingly.