NESARA By Nicky...

The Sanskrit word for Nature, ‘NESARA By Nicky’ holds a much deeper meaning for us; it’s an experience that takes us on a spiritual journey—hushing the chaos of the outside world, allowing us to honour the universe within.

We believe the human race was born with the inherent ability to live in harmony with our ecosystem. But as we evolved, we moved away from our natural connection with the planet and veered elsewhere for enchantment, taking the formidable powers of Mother Earth for granted. NESARA By Nicky is our humble attempt to return to the rhythm of Nature our souls still dance to.

We see ourselves as  ‘Keepers of The Beauty Conscience’, with a commitment to ethically formulating and creating self-care products with sustainably sourced ingredients. This is our way of giving thanks to our Creator. 


Using the indulgent power of pure herbs, flowers, cold-pressed oils and infusions in our products, we believe in connecting with our ancient heritage, and nourishing the skin with products in their most natural, least processed form. 

The reflection of this mission can be seen in the way we source our ingredients. In this endeavour, we follow two principal schools of thought: 

Essentialism: the belief that each ingredient has its own individual, authentic character that is brought out without tampering with its essence. 

Our ingredients are ethically sourced from their places of origin, and are methodically extracted in low temperatures so as to keep their innate qualities protected. We then formulate them into our products with minimum processing yet maximum efficacy.

Vitalism: a philosophy that celebrates the symbiotic relationship of our body, mind and spirit to the 5 elements of Nature, i.e. -

  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Sun
  • Earth

Each ingredient used in our products brings you closer to your roots, connecting you to the healing powers of Nature in its purest form. 

To know more about the schools of thought of Essentialism and Vitalism, click here to check out our blogs!


While we meticulously look after the health & vitality of our skin, we must also keep in mind the vitality of the One that imparted it to us: Mother Earth. We have immense faith in her healing abilities—our creations are a testament to that—and often indulge in conversations with her that inevitably inspire us to do more, and do better.

In the grand scheme of things, conscious consumerism is, unquestionably, the way forward for a sustainable lifestyle; right from the sourcing of the elements that go into formulating our products, to their packaging and their eventual distribution, transparency in the supply chain is of utmost importance to us.

It brings us honour to reveal that our soaps are 100% safe and free of synthetic chemicals. We also follow a strict no-plastic policy, using only amber protected glass to retain the potency of the botanicals and prevent oxidation


We may have a secret formula, but not a secret formulation! We believe in the evolution of our formulations to match the latest findings in the global schools of Herbalism and Wellness. Keeping an eye out for new reports, studying rising trends and—arguably the most important part—engaging with our customers for feedback helps us keep our formulations well-incorporated with fresh, more suitable ingredients with desirable effects. 

Where The Magic Lies: Our Ingredients

An underlying philosophy in all our creations is the perception that skin care is held at the same level as skin food, and we formulate our products as just that: food for your skin. While we practice eating natural, plant-based, clean and organic foods to nourish our bodies, we formulate our skin-loving creations with ingredients in their purest form, with minimal processing cycles that nourish your skin with the wholesomeness of each naturally-derived element. No loss of goodness! Sustainably and ethically sourced, you can be rest assured that you’re indulging in a ritual that is truly clean in all senses of the term—right from the sourcing of the ingredients to the ethical treatment of our talented and admirable women powerhouses that have individually handcrafted each product. 

Endless hours of extensive research and development, market analysis, customer surveys, studying how each ingredient interacts with the skin barrier and an even more laborious production cycle that ensures zero loss of quality using the cold-process system, each NESARA By Nicky creation comes with a lengthy history of love, environmental consciousness and attention-to-detail. 

Our products are only as good as our ingredients, and that’s why we believe in the unity of pure, raw and 100% natural with the skin: birthing a feeling of luxury caressed by the very palms of Mother Nature.