As humans, we strive to grow. To evolve. To be better than who we were before. Through millennia of passing down life-saving information from one generation to the next, if there’s one thing our species loves to do, it is to learn. We love the Whys, the Hows and the Whens of creation, existence, and even destruction. It’s no surprise, thus, that the most fulfilling relationships we’ve ever fostered in our pursuit of eternal knowledge has been the one with Earth. From learning to forage to growing entire fields of bounty, Nature and humankind have a relationship so sacred, it stood the test of time with vigour. This connection, although somewhat forgotten by our 21st century descendants, is hardly surprising—we were birthed from, by and for Nature. We have always organically turned to Her wealth of infinite wisdom for clarity whenever we were in the dark, and She has awarded us generously time and again. 

At NESARA By Nicky, we’re retracing our journey.

The journey that took us from cavemen to the modern human, because we believe we got a little lost somewhere along the way. 

Project Greenery is the path that rekindles our bond with Mother Nature. There is integrity and honour in giving back, and this is our little Thank You note to our Creator. 

The Idea

We at NESARA By Nicky are forever honouring the divine balance between receiving and giving: we receive our cherished ingredients in their most raw versions from a selection of sources around the world, procured in the most loving and ethical manner. We give back by ensuring we follow sustainable production practices, biodegradable/recyclable packaging, cruelty-free and vegan formulations and USDA certified organic products. However, Project Greenery is a step further into that realm. 

Our collection of environmentally conscious projects work to replenish the planet’s reserves in whatever manner we can, using a multi-faceted approach. Sure, we could simply plant a few saplings or donate to a few charities, but we’ve never known how to give anything less than our all.  

Our Projects

Our trifecta of projects are built to ensure the cycle of gratitude stays flowing.  

The Seed Project

Our most popular concept, The Seed Project bridges the connection between you and the environment. Nestled within our biodegradable, sustainably packaged orders is a little envelope with real, organic seeds that you can use to grow your own version of a lush, verdant garden, all within the comfort of your home. With all our orders, we make sure to add our envelope with a variety of flowers and plants as a part of The Seed Project. 

You’d be amazed to see the sheer difference a flower can make to your mood—after all, Nature smiles in flowers!

Tree Plantation Drives & Collaborations

It’s no secret that the pandemic has heavily impacted everyone, and businesses are no exception. We’ve had a lot of adjustments to make in order to ensure our quality is protected while helping you achieve a healthy, healed visage, all the while being safe in our homes. In lieu of maintaining protocol and safety practices for everyone involved, our plans for conducting tree plantation drives across the city with the help of capable and admirable NGOs have come to a halt for the time being. Watch this space for updates! 

Project Pipeline

We’re trying our best to not let the pandemic stop us from making our mark in the world, and leaving the planet better than we found it! Here are a couple of projects we’re currently under the process of launching as soon as possible:

  1. The Empties for Earth Initiative
    Have more than 5 NESARA By Nicky empties? Enter: Empties for Earth, a reward program where you can return a minimum of 5 or more NESARA By Nicky empties, cleaned with the label still on, and receive exciting offers/gift cards/rewards. 
  2. Leaving An Impact
    As a part of our diligent efforts to contribute to the preservation of the planet, we’re also formulating a program where x% of our yearly profits are donated to the ABC Foundation, which specializes in eco-conservation, sustainable farming and water conservation.