Bare Skin is Beautiful - 12 Tips to Achieve the No Makeup Look Naturally

After working from home for over a year while donning face masks, some of us have grown accustomed to ignoring our makeup bags. It's not just simpler for us to go bare-faced now that we're returning to the workplace and interacting face-to-face—we're actually happier with the results. Spending more time outside (and less time in the bone-dry, artificially cool air of office buildings) can have a great influence on skin, and there is a plethora of skincare solutions that can help us feel polished while wearing less makeup or none at all. Let’s look at a few tips on how you can put your best face forward just by embracing your bare skin beauty!

Tip #1: Make sure your skin is well hydrated - We mean MOISTURISE!

The term "lit-from-within radiance" is a beauty slang for skin that is properly hydrated. The skin's outermost layers are essential for retaining moisture and nutrients while resisting airborne pollutants that could otherwise harm the skin. If your face appears dry, red, or flaky, this indicates that your skin's moisture barrier has been compromised. As a result, your skin develops minute, invisible cracks that let moisture escape and light in, reducing the natural shine of your skin.

Your skin's brightness and moisture barrier can be restored with the correct skincare products. Retinoids and exfoliants should be avoided until the dryness or irritation has subsided. Adding a daytime moisturiser to your routine will not only keep your skin hydrated, but it will also plump it up, making it appear smoother and dewier. At night, slather on a face cream with ceramides, which are a key part of the moisture barrier, to help replenish them within your skin.

Tip #2: Apply moisturizer as a highlighter

Since we’re on the topic of moisturisers, a great hack that you can use is applying additional moisturiser or day cream to your cheekbones, cupid's bow, and beneath your brow bone. This can give the same effect as using a highlighter. As a result, you'll have a more radiant complexion with a natural sheen.

Tip #3: Highlight and smooth

Use your usual skincare products to highlight the area of your skin instead of makeup. Because it appears more natural, some people prefer a dewy highlight than a sparkly one. Use a face balm or face oil for this. All you need to do is tap a little along the high points of your cheekbones as the wetness catches the light to give you a lovely sheen.

Tip #4: Consider using a brightener

When it comes to increasing brightness, even skin tone, and eliminating pigment spots, vitamin C serums are a must-have in everyone's beauty arsenal because of their powerful antioxidant properties. Look for a formula with l-ascorbic acid, which is a more stable form of vitamin C, in a pump bottle (to keep the ingredient's potency as long as possible).

Using a serum or moisturiser with Vitamin C will give your skin a healthy-looking sheen and a blurring effect, making your skin tone look more even.

Tip #5: Keep excess oil at bay

No doubt skin that appears radiant and dewy is a sought-after beauty look; nevertheless, there is a thin line between that and oily, greasy skin. It's best to use a blotting paper or two to remove any excess oil and shine from your face during the day or night.

Tip #6: Stay Hydrated

Know those people with flawless skin who, when asked what they do to look so nice, claim they drink a lot of water? Well, they might be on to something. According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, having more water in one’s daily diet can have a favourable impact on skin—as if you didn’t already know that. Put the theory into action and witness how hydrated skin results in healthier-looking skin.

Tip #7: Exfoliate

You certainly know by now that exfoliating weekly helps you keep breakouts at bay by eliminating build-up and grime that holds bacteria onto the skin. Then you should also know that exfoliating eliminates dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. You won't need any bronzer or highlighter because your skin will look more radiant and beautiful. Try some of these DIY exfoliating masks in your weekly routine.

Tip #8: Chill your tools, and your products

If your face is prone to redness or blotchiness, or if you have dark circles under your eyes, keeping a few things in the refrigerator can do wonders for your complexion. Keep a few spoons in the fridge for tired eyes as a quick cure. Place the back side of a cooled spoon under each eye and gently rock it back and forth to massage the skin for a few minutes. The cold metal helps tighten blood vessels, which reduces redness and makes dark circles less noticeable. It will also make your face look less puffy.

For the same reason, you can keep your full skincare routine in the refrigerator. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising using cool-temperature products helps constrict capillaries to soothe redness and irritation.

Tip #9: Massage your face

A few minutes of mild face kneading boosts blood circulation and helps drain excess fluid, which can make skin appear tighter, firmer, and rosier. Before you begin, pat on a face oil or serum. This will help keep you from pulling and tugging at your skin. You can use a facial roller tool or your own two hands, but always massage upward, never down toward the ground, to help create a lifted appearance. Don't be afraid to apply just enough pressure to get the blood flowing, but not so much that you pull and irritate the skin.

Pro-tip: Whenever you feel like your skin needs a little more TLC, try this technique, remember to repeat each step 5 to 10 times:

  1. Using the sides of your index fingers, start at each side of your nose and glide your fingers out along your orbital bones (eye sockets) until you reach your temples.
  2. Press and glide over each cheekbone with your index and middle fingers together, making your way toward your temples.
  3. Massage your jawline from your chin back to your ears with the same fingers.
  4. Use the same fingers to gently massage your forehead from the brows to your hairline.

Tip #10: Brush your brows and curl your lashes

Even though bold brows are still a beauty staple, we are all about the natural look, so it's wise to go without brow makeup. You can achieve perfectly groomed eyebrows without applying any brow pencil or powder by just brushing them with a dry spoolie and guiding them into the shape you choose.

For your lashes, gently crimp them with a curler for an immediate lash lift look. You can make your eyes look bigger and more open without using mascara, as long as you have a lash curler.

Tip #11: Eat Healthy

Skin and hair health is dependent on a well-balanced diet. In order to maintain and restore your skin, you must eat enough protein and vitamins. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. Detoxifying your system with natural beverages such as green tea is another option. Adding probiotics after meals keeps your gut healthy and gives you clean, healthy skin.

Tip #12: Beauty Sleep

We can't say enough about how important it is to get enough sleep. In addition to preventing dark circles under your eyes, getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night can help your skin regenerate by increasing the production of collagen. Using satin pillow covers can help avoid friction and dryness of skin and hair.

Tip #13: Keep stress at bay

Take the time to look within yourself. Your face is the mirror of the mind- if you feel good inside, you will radiate an aura of happiness. Make an effort to live a stress-free life by practising mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing techniques. Accept yourself with all your beauty and all your flaws. The best makeup you can wear is confidence.

Some ways to lower stress may include meditation, walking, getting a massage, spending time with friends or family, diffusing essential oils, decreasing caffeine and alcohol intake or yoga. 



At the end of the day, beauty comes from within. Maintaining a positive outlook on life is more important than anything else. The stress and monotony of our daily lives may fade out our spark and make us worried and unhappy. Don't forget to take care of yourself with a mindful skincare routine and once in a while take a break and revel in the ecstatic and enchanted aspects of life. When you do things that make your soul happy, your beauty will exude to the world!