How the Beauty Industry is Contributing to Sustainability

In the last few decades, Mother Earth has shown tremendous change. From rising sea levels, and extreme and unprecedented weather conditions to the depletion of our resources and loss of biodiversity, the world around us is screaming, crying out for help. It is trying to tell us that we need to take things into our hands now — and soon. 

The ever-growing population and our exorbitant lifestyle are two things that can be held responsible for this environmental state. Our choice of living – the products we use, the clothes we wear, and our approach to life; all of this also plays a big role here. But sadly, we have reached a point where it is a little late to reverse the crisis. All we can do is prevent further damage and change things around as much as we can. 

Of course, it is a matter of decades to change the repercussions of global warming on mankind, but it is, certainly, a journey worth following. On a personal level, we can start with the basics and baby steps; every effort counts. So, how exactly does one lead that sustainable life? What does it mean and why are more and more people inclining towards conscious living now? Surely, there are benefits beyond just one. Read on. 

What is Sustainable Living 

Sustainability is the new up and running trend. It is the new buzzword, indeed. Leading organizations, influencers, celebrities, and environmental activists are not only encouraging and supporting this cause but also following it. In simple words, sustainable living is when we prioritize natural and renewable resources over plastic and other hazardous resources that do nothing but degrade our environment. It is a way of life that revolves around choosing a lifestyle set around natural and eco-friendly products. It is a slow yet steady process with long-term benefits on all levels. 

A green lifestyle leads to a greener surrounding.

Once you educate yourself and understand the need of leading that conscious lifestyle, your whole perspective towards health and well-being takes a shift. And, it only leads to a mutually beneficial way of pursuing everyday life that promotes the well-being of the world and our own selves as well. That’s where your own thought and mindset shift comes into play. Sustainable living, also known as conscious living, is a preferred way of life, which many are adopting now. Evidently, the role of social media and the retail industry is overpowering here too. With this consciousness, naturally comes the determination of the new generations and that has the power to change the market dynamics, eventually leading to the rise of sustainable brands. 

Why is Sustainability Important Today For You?

As consumers, we always have an opportunity to make the best decisions. Our choice can impact the whole market and the root of their functioning. So naturally, with that kind of power, it is important that we hold ourselves responsible for the repercussions of our consumption and also the change that we can bring. Since the world is witnessing the highest changes in weather patterns, it has forced today’s generation to revisit humanity’s impact on climate change. The need to live more consciously and take accountability for our carbon footprint is now being burdened by today’s generation. Fortunately, many world leaders and environmentalists are acknowledging the current crisis and educating the youth. And, that’s what paves the way for necessary revolutions in this domain.

Carbon footprint is ideally the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere because of the activities of a particular individual, organization or community. William Rees, a Canadian ecologist was the one who introduced this term in the 1990s. Since then, slowly and steadily, a lot of noteworthy personalities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep, and environmental activists such as Greta Thunberg have strongly put forward the message of sustainable and conscious living. This, furthermore, compelled many renowned conglomerates and communities to invite change and adopt various sustainable practices. In retrospect, these many adverse effects of our usual traditional lifestyle on the environment are now leading to a clearer conscience and a sense of accountability and responsibility.

Beauty Industry’s Contribution to Sustainability

The beauty industry is known to improve and uplift people’s sense of wellbeing and their physical identity. But, it is also largely responsible for producing a ton of waste that threatens our environment severely. Advancement in technology has further added to nature’s woes by making each and every product easily accessible from any place in the world at any given time. This, of course, has made things easier and the economic boom but it has also increased production and storage of skincare products, leading to increased waste. 

But now, change is due in the beauty industry too. Until recently, sustainability was quite a niche approach. Thanks to the ever-evolving times, the beauty and retail industry are now taking sustainability seriously. More and more businesses are taking a stance when it comes to saving the environment. Several corporations, organizations and small businesses are taking CSR initiatives to help conserve resources and lower the production impact on the environment. The boost in D2C beauty brands dealing in organic and natural products in the current market is also one sign of the changing approach and priorities. 

Organic soaps and skin-care are made for the benefit of our skins and the environment.

There is a massive change in the ingredients of their products and overall aesthetics, where their benefits are promoted to the consumers. That kind of solid marketing, which is common today, is only fuelling this propaganda, spreading this trend amongst all kinds of audiences. So, now as consumers are getting more and more aware and taking a step towards sustainable living, the market is bound to accommodate these needs. Hence, the growing market for sustainable, natural, and organic beauty. What’s adding to this as a catalyst is the increasing trend of the beauty industry using eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. 

Ways to Participate in Sustainability as Consumers

As you already know, consumer behaviour and retail changes go hand in hand. What people want is what the market sells and what the market sells, is what people consume. But, if you’re a newbie to the sustainable way of living, here are some ways you can participate. And, if you are already a follower, then read on to know how you can contribute to the movement better. After all, this change is in your hands. 

1. Research

Great research will take you to great places, said somebody great. Thorough research is a foundation to finding the best skincare products for yourself. Read, study, and follow publications, portals, or brands that talk about sustainable products and lifestyles. Here, you can find answers to things that are unknown, fill gaps in terms of knowledge and most importantly change your perspective towards the choices you make. 

With the growing awareness around the world, we are fortunate enough to find plenty of information and brands at our disposal.  But, before going ahead with any new sustainable brand, make sure you read through all the reviews – good and bad. In the end, you’ll come out with better awareness to be able to pursue the next step better.

2. Shop mindfully

Reduce, reuse and recycle is what you should be telling yourself every time before making any purchases. Every product we purchase comes with a carbon footprint that has an impact on the environment. So, it is only wise to think twice before you make unnecessary purchases that are bound to affect nature adversely. Consider shopping for lifestyle essentials like clothes, make-up, skin-care, home décor, etc from sustainable brands that are designed to leave a minimum carbon footprint, use organic ingredients, and use zero-waste packaging.

3. Minimize the use of plastic and other waste

Plastic never has and never will go away completely because of its non-biodegradable nature. But, it has been a source of hazard since its inception, and it is about time we start cutting down such usage by following a few simple hacks. Start from the basics – use reusable bags when you shop and avoid or ban single-use water bottles, bags, and straws and ditch products made from or packaged in plastic.

4. Change your overall lifestyle with conscious living

Making lifestyle changes may be a slow and inconsistent process. But, smaller steps towards that goal can make a lot of difference to us and the environment, of course. Even a simple change like using your bicycle for errand runs instead of using your vehicle, planting plants and trees in your backyard, and choosing conscious brands for shopping can contribute towards the larger goal. Moreover, you can also spread awareness and educate the ones around you. 

It’s safe to conclude that the products made without chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients are not just good for you, they are good for the environment too. A mutually beneficial balance like this is a boon for the current times. So, take the first step today by indulging yourself in organic body and skincare.