Self-Care Tips that Actually Work in the Post-Pandemic Era

The pandemic has drastically changed many aspects of our lives today. One such effect is our increased focus on our overall well-being, which means that now we not only pay attention to our physical health but also our mental health. Self-care has also taken priority now, where we’re realizing the importance of it more and more, blending it into our everyday routines.

Let’s face it, navigating through such tough times and discovering our new normal hasn’t been easy for any of us. Whether it’s home-schooling kids, indulging in work from home or finding bliss within four walls, getting through each passing day hasn’t been easy. (hasn’t been easy is repeated in 2 consecutive sentences) But, taking time off and focusing on our emotional, mental, and physical selves came to our rescue then. Now, however, ( Now, however is unnecessary) as we still continue the battle and transition into a Covid-free era, we may need a little more focus on our self-care habits. Scroll below for some cues.

You Make Your Own Self-Care Routine

Self-care doesn’t have to be a massive task and it  certainly doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can start with small steps and work your way up! It doesn’t even have to be specific to what the trends are or what it is like for others. Your self-care regimen is all about you and what you need. It can include an array of activities such as skin-care, mindfulness practises, meditation, reading, dancing - anything that gives you peace, clarity, comfort ;emotionally, physically, and mentally. Any and every activity that gives you joy and in some way, shape or form contributes to your well-being is nothing but self-care

Women, self-care, and the stereotype

Self-care may have been the new hot topic of the season, but mostly only on women-oriented/ feminist platforms. The propaganda of self-care being a feminine thing on media has also been leading to it being labelled as something only women do. But, let’s break it for you, shall we? Men also need self-care just as much as women do. They, very much like women, face mental health and other health-related issues due to negligence and lack of self-care practices. We say that( We say that is unnecessary) the bottom line is that no matter what kind of a life you lead or want to lead, taking care of yourself and creating a regimen around that is a basic step towards overall wellness.

Self-care – a boon for your mental well-being. 

As humans evolved, mental health issues rose too, with Covid coming along the way, mental health issues escalated. It became increasingly difficult to cope and keep up. For those who were already suffering from mental health issues, the lockdown had a severe impact on their mental health. It made all of us rethink our approach to most things. And yes, that includes mental health and its association with self-care.

Aren’t we all humans who need to be taken care of by others and most importantly, by ourselves? Studies suggest that people who followed a consistent self-care routine felt more fulfilled – physically and mentally as compared to those who rarely chose to treat themselves with some self-rewarding practices. Moreover, those who did not follow any self-care routines of sorts ended up diminishing their mental health altogether. 

How to Begin with a Self-Care Routine?

It’s safe to conclude that self-care can work wonders for all of us. On that note, here’s our go-to how-to that will help you define and set your self-care rituals. Go ahead and try these out and feel the difference yourself. 

1. Skincare

Skincare is again one of the many stereotypes that only women are labelled with. But, the truth is that even men need to equally take care of their skin. It may sound astonishing to most of you but skincare helps reduce stress, encourages self confidence, strengthens self-worth, improves social bonding, and is undeniably fun! For beginners, a basic skincare routine can do the trick! Head on to to get started.

2. Time off 

Taking time off from your daily humdrum may sound difficult, given how busy our lives are. But, if you don’t turn off and reboot your system from time to time, you’ll never be able to start afresh or grow in any way. From regular breaks in our professional lives to hitting pause every once in a while, you will somewhere hit the right road and find your comfort spot. 

 3. Pursuing hobbies 

Taking some time off every now and then is clearly a necessity of a balanced lifestyle. But it’s also important to know or plan out how you are going to spend that time off. It’s precious time after all,isn’t it? Whether you use this time for travel, shopping, socializing, baking, reading or even pursuing one of your long lost hobbies, it’s all about how you choose to enjoy this time. That's all that matters. 

 4. Lending help to others 

While we all have our struggles, it’s undeniably important to always lend help to others. We may or may not understand other people’s struggles and problems, but it’s something worth doing especially during such uncertainty. We owe this to humanity, to say the least. Not only is this fulfilling in several ways but it also enables us to imagine being in someone else’s shoes. 

 5. Having a night/morning routine

Having a morning or night routine is encouraged by many mental health professionals. If you’re a morning person with a morning routine, you can choose to start your day with a gratitude exercise, yoga and/or any form of physical exercise, healthy breakfast and a quick skincare routine to keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and protected. 

In case you prefer a night routine, it can include a warm shower to wash off all the tiredness and worries, a bedtime skincare routine and a reflection ritual, analysing your thoughts and actions throughout the day. 

Ofcourse, if you manage to strike that balance, then both, a morning and an evening ritual would be ideal. 

Everything you have read so far will not only help you get through these tough times but also inculcate a positive habit into your system. A habit that will benefit you, your body and your life as a whole, over time. All you have to do is start here, start now.