Why Organic Gifts are the Best Gifts in 2021?

Off late, the issues, rumours and research reports surrounding climate change are intense, rather grave and unfortunately true. It seems much more real and closer this time, doesn’t it? Well, there is no way we can change all of these environmental issues in one go, but we all can contribute in our little ways, one day at a time. Now, obviously, our actions won’t reverse the climate changes and reflect it in a day’s time. It will take years, decades, scores and even centuries. But hey, better late than sorry right? Our collective efforts taken at this very moment in time can improve our chances of having a better more so, secure future for us and the generations to come. 

Given the holidays and festivities are just around the corner too, environmental damage is bound to increase. While we can help control that on a personal level, there is also something else that can aid our contribution towards the cause. When it comes to gifting, we are always in the dilemma of finding the right gifts for our loved ones. They always say that a gift should come from the heart and should add value to the receiver’s life. We believe and thoroughly promote the art of sustainable and organic gifting that is meant for this very purpose. Natural, raw, and undeniably purposeful - organic is truly beautiful, and this year and beyond? Organic gifts are absolutely fitting and almost a necessity. 

What are Organic Gifts?

If you are on the hunt for a brand new, uniquely chic and useful gift, you might as well consider giving a gift that is good for the environment! So, what are organic gifts? What exactly can be considered as an organic gift? Well, any and every product that is made organically from scratch and produces the least amount of carbon footprints during the manufacturing process, falls under the category of organic gifting. Right from its ingredients to the packaging, everything needs to be raw and made out of renewable resources. These products also happen to cover the recycle and reuse policy in some way shape or form.

For instance, Nesara’s Soap Story’s collection is the perfect gift for somebody who loves investing in meaningful, reliable and organic bathing essentials. Click here to gift organic skincare to your loved ones. Gifting is all about making gestures – big or small to appreciate and celebrate the presence of our loved ones. And, organic gifting is about making a decision of leading and gifting natural and eco-friendly options, and that’s what we aim to achieve – for us and the environment, of course.

Why Organic Gifting?

There comes a day in everyone’s lives when we rethink our routines, choices and decisions – both short and long term only to realize that we don’t live in the most sustainable way. In fact, most people don’t even think and consider leading a sustainable, all-natural and organic lifestyle. It is about time we change our mindsets and actually hit the ground running towards leading a better life – the one that benefits us and the environment too.  Giving back to the environment is, indeed, the need of the hour. Moreover, plus points to the natural ingredients that are evidently beneficial for the skin and the body. 


At Nesara by Nicky, sustainability has been one of our core pillars. We believe that Mother Nature has given us the very best it could and it’s our duty to save and preserve what we have. Like us, many brands around the world have changed their perspectives and now believe and promote the idea of conscious living. Since we are witnessing the most difficult changes in climate change, we as today’s generation have no choice but to bear the consequences and hold accountability for the same. It’s only wise now that we take the initiative to better this situation by participating in sustainability.

Better Skin and Body

One of the many key benefits of going all organic with your gifting choices is that it has groundbreaking results on your skin and body. Whether it’s a skincare product or an edible product, it surely will have a positive impact on one’s overall lifestyle. After all, leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the many privileges we have as human beings. Then, why not gift the same privileges to our loved ones? Some food for thought here. 

Every Step Counts

A part of gifting sustainably means less consumption and more reusing. Counting on ethical and sustainable brands can be a good start for beginners, but it’s equally necessary to alter and figure out your gifting plan altogether. During the festive season, you can consciously agree with your friends and family on locking down a specific limit or perhaps challenge everyone with a different rather more sustainable theme which comprises of reused and upcycled gifts. Your gifting can be all about making a different and conscious choices, leaving a greater impact on the environment for the years to come. Remember, every step counts. 

Go Cruelty-Free

By supporting organic and sustainable brands, you will also be supporting the cruelty-free initiative. The fashion and beauty industry has and continues to receive a lot of backlashes for not adapting cruelty-free techniques, and for good reasons. So, a lot of big and small brands are here to change history and have abolished animal testing altogether.  

Non-Allergic Properties

Since sustainable products are made from all-natural ingredients, it’s safe to conclude that all the anything that is put together to design the product is thought through and are non-allergic. So for those of you, who are sceptical about gifting organic products to their loved ones, here’s one more reason to take a leap of faith and believe in organic magic. 

Organic Gifting Season is Here!

Season or off-season, it’s important to swear by organic gifting options. Whether it is that time of the year or not, shower your loved ones especially friends and family by gifting them a thoughtful and organic token of love. We all have been through the struggle of giving gifts that conflicts with your minimalist or environment-friendly values, or when you fail to stomach the thought of another fast-fashion outfit. We hope our little guide for sustainable gifting was exactly what you were looking for. And, not just that! We hope you are able to help navigate the ones you love towards the sustainable brands you admire and respect. Sharing our choices for sustainable and ethical gifts doesn’t have to come across as fussy. On the contrary, it’s our one true opportunity to challenge our creativity, to educate the ones around us on our social and environmental values. Lastly, but most importantly to receive and give in a truly fulfilling manner.