Skincare Trend of the Year: Skinimalism

When shopaholics get beauty product recommendations from powerful and reliable sources on social media, it’s hard for them to resist. The dilemma of trial and error is out of the question in these cases, which may turn leads to unnecessary purchases. According to a recent study, women across the globe are using skincare products now more than ever before. There’s a sudden trend of having it all, be it with skincare or any other aspect of their lives. But, the real question is how much is too much? Is less more? Or more is more? Let’s find out!

The idea of having perfect skin is the end goal for most women. But, the reality speaks differently. The truth is, your skin can never be perfect. Yes, it can be healthy and glowing, but every woman will have a different standard and approach when it comes to defining the perfect skin. Toners, moisturizers, essential oils, serums, face wash, face masks, exfoliators and so on are obviously great for your skin depending on the authenticity of the brands that you use, but the question is which of these product categories are really, really needed and which of them are unnecessary or close to not adding any value to your skincare regimen? Some food for thought here.

With more and more awareness and concerns raised by dermatologists across the globe, the concept of skinimalism is gaining popularity. The term Skinimalism means embracing one’s skin’s natural texture and thereby adopting a minimalistic skincare regimen. It is also perceived as simplifying your skincare regimen and taking skincare to the next level. The ideology of skinimalism challenges many skincare practices in different ways and the whole stigma around getting your skincare routine right. 

How Can You Adopt Skinimalism

Some of you may be fairly new to the concept of Skinimalism. Lucky for you, we can help you define and restructure your current skincare routine and thereby turn it into something simple and impactful. Let’s embrace the power of an effortless, meaningful yet impressive Skinimalism skincare routine, shall we? If you’re somebody who is quite new to the whole skincare bandwagon, then skinimalism is definitely worth trying. In fact, it’s way better than most of the long, complicated and tedious skincare routines defined and shared throughout the years. And it’s easier to follow. What more could a newbie ask for? 

But if you’re somebody who has been there, done all of that, then here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Use a multi-tasking cleanser that is light and gentle for your morning routine and good enough for your night routine to get rid of the SPF
  2. Depending on your skin type, invest in a good moisturizer or face oil. If you have a dry skin type, then face oil is apt for your skin. If you have normal or oily skin, then using a moisturizer would be the way forward
  3. A great sunscreen is never a bad idea! A sunscreen with SPF protection will work wonders to protect your skin from the sun throughout the day

How Does It Help You?

Being a minimalist can be daunting at first but paves the way for much more content and valuable life in the long run. One needs to constantly remind themselves about the many benefits of adapting Skinimalism. Here are some of them:

Locks in moisture

Be it any skin type, using a moisturizer never goes out of style. It keeps your skin hydrated at all times and offers much-needed nourishment and protection, thanks to global warming and a gazillion other activities that end up affecting our skin in different ways. 

Relaxes your muscles

Using moisturizers and/or essential oils for your skin can kill two birds with one stone. Turns out, the back and forth movement of your hands while applying a moisturizer or essential oil can help you relax various muscles of your body. Isn’t it wonderful?

Powerhouse of freshness

A consistent, diligent and simple approach towards your skincare regimen can make a real difference. An added plus is the goodness of fresh aromatic odour that comes in handy with the skincare products that you use. It keeps you fresh and up all day long.  

Stress relief

Spending 10-15 minutes of the day for yourself, unwinding, engaging in your skincare routine while you play relaxing music to complement the mood, is the perfect way to indulge in some much needed “me” time, isn’t it? Well, a routine like that, will help you lead a stress-free life. You can thank us later. 

A combination of 10 products ends up over-promising and under-delivering. It’s only wise to be selective and mindful about the usage of skincare products. There are a gazillion brands and options out there which makes the entire process even more difficult. If you’re somebody who is used to testing the waters with different products and brands and are able to analyze what works and what doesn’t work for you, then you must happily continue with the trial and error. But if you’re somebody who doesn’t know how to experiment or is least interested in this hustle of finding the right product, then seeing your dermatologist is the way forward.

Like every trend that you end up trying, this one’s definitely worth a shot! Skinimalism is something you will never doubt and with time, understand its importance and benefits. There was a time when women embraced heavy makeup with open hearts, but then the same women also extended a warm welcome to the much trending “no make up look”. The point is, you will never truly understand the value and impact of a new trend, unless you try it in full swing and with an open mind, of course. Skinimalism not only helps you change your approach towards skincare but also helps you make a clear conscious choice when it comes to choosing the best, organic and cruelty-free brands like Nesara by Nicky. It changes your perspective and lets you acknowledge and embrace your flaws with minimal skincare. Now if that’s not innovation and conscious living, then we don’t know what is.