The Goodness Of Organic

Consumers are getting more conscious of the kind of products they are applying on their skin. People now request for organic or natural products as they believe that these products provide a longer-lasting effect and generally a healthier skin. There’s a massive difference between a natural product and an organic one. Natural products are made from ingredients that come from natural sources but are not organically produced. These ingredients make use of pesticides and some special chemicals to aid in its growth. Organic products on the other hand, are a more pure form of natural products.

You might wonder why organic skincare products are special and suddenly trending or if there is truly a special difference between an organic skincare regimen and a conventional one. Organic skincare is generally defined as skin care products that contain only organically grown ingredients; No pesticides or chemicals are infused in its growth. Imagine the wonders this can do for the skin.

In creating an organic skincare regimen, pure organic ingredients are used in formulations to maximize its efficacy. Natural oils, herbs and even some vegetable extracts that are organically grown are infused into your products to ensure a supple and healthy skin.

Most conventional skincare regimens are not as rich as the organic counterparts. A conventional aloe Vera cream will most likely contain 2 to 3% of aloe Vera and a remaining 97% or inorganic ingredients that are extremely harmful to the skin. An organic skincare regimen, on the other hand, contains 100% of carefully selected ingredients devoid of chemicals and parabens that can cause long term adverse effect on the skin

It is an undeniable fact that conventional products tend to work faster in clearing blemishes and maintaining a certain glow. It is quite pertinent to note however that in the long run these products lead to damaged skin. Any product that promises a quick solution to a skin issue that must have lasted a while, is not a product you should trust. The secret to achieving a great skin is patience, consistency and the right choice of products. You have to bear in mind that every topical product applied on the skin finds its way into it which is why the right choice of products are very important.