Shea Oh Shea!!!

How Shea Butter Keeps Skin Youthful Forever

Ever since the first human found their first inkling of a wrinkle beside their eye or on their brow, felt the first sapping of strength from their muscle, the growing ache of time in their bones, humanity has been obsessed with the quest to reverse aging and cling ever longer to our ever waning youth. The annals of history and myth alike are replete with stories of the fanatical pursuit of beauty’s most fleeting crown jewel; witches bathing in the blood of youthful maidens, Ponce De Leon and his mad search for the Fountain of Youth, Peter Pan and Mystical Neverland where children remain children forever – our insatiable desire for timelessness has persevered since time immemorial. Quack doctors, slick conmen and some less than scrupulous cosmetic companies have learned to capitalise on this innate human lust for inexhaustible youth – a way to nullify the effects of time and age – with grandiose promises and products that have nothing but hope as their main ingredient.

What these shady, smooth talking, hard selling merchants of beauty don’t want you to know is that there exists a plethora of prizes throughout mother nature that, while they won’t make you a child forever, can erase years if not decades from your skin, and help you retain youthful, young looking skin longer than anybody else with the same birthday. You can learn how to look younger, feel younger and live longer without harsh chemicals and false promises by turning to nature.

As part of Nesara’s ongoing series, “SECRETS OF YOUTH”, we will look at some of the finest natural ingredients mother nature has to offer and how they can help keep your skin radiant and youthful for years to come.

SHEA!. Wonderful Shea. A name well known in the world of skin rejuvenation, many people are quick to recognize these four letters as a stamp of potency and well rounded skincare goodness – but what are the exact properties from which Shea derives its wonderful reputation?


#1 Shea is an insanely powerful emollient

The Shea nut is made of 60% fat with five of the most important fatty acids: palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and arachidonic acids. What makes these five oils so essential? They help keep the regulatory processes of your body running soundly, providing the building blocks for your cells to repair themselves – in the context of cosmetics this translates into healthy, renewed skin that is supple, clear and resistant to blemishes. When you see dull looking, dry skin that is prone to flaking and cracking, its more than likely the result of a deficiency in some of these key fatty acids. These fats also exert a moisturizing effect that altogether, with the robust array of individual oils, provide unparalleled moisturization and nourishment for your skin, helping it retain a radiant, wholesome glow.


#2 Shea is an excellent anti ~ inflammatory

Shea contains cinnamic acids, compounds which have been shown to reduce inflammation in the skin, helping to stave off blemishes and through long term use reduce the risk of growths like cysts. This means your skin is healthier and less susceptible to common diseases.


#3 Shea boosts natural collagen production!

Perhaps the most significant and unique power of Shea is its ability to boost your skin’s natural collagen production. Not only does this mean your skin is smoother, but heals from blemishes and wounds more quickly! Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein in the body, and being able to produce more of it means your skin is more equipped to maintain itself through its continuous renewal process.

All in all, Shea is one of the most efficacious super ingredient nature has to offer. By boosting your skin’s natural restorative processes and simultaneously shielding it from wear and tear and protecting from infections and inflammation, all natural Shea is truly a fine, chemical-free answer to your daily skincare needs.