Why Organic?

#1 Organic Products use High Quality Ingredients

Without a smorgasbord of unnatural, lab synthesized chemicals to stuff inside them, Organic Cosmetics and daily skincare products use only what Mother Nature gave them – raw, unadulterated ingredients free of nasty additives and synthetic preservatives. One look at the neverending ingredient list on the back of a typical, overly processed skincare product is all you need to see what you’re really getting; ingredient lists should be short and sweet, not a thesis for a major in biochemical engineering.

#2 Organic Products lessen your carbon footprint

A majority of the run-of-the-mill cosmetics sitting on the shelves are chock full of nasty petrochemicals and other pollutants that seep into the water system, killing wildlife, ruining soil, and dealing long term damage to our environment. Every time you rinse a mainstream cosmetic off your skin, it washes down the drain and enters the water system, contributing to habitat loss near and far, soil degradation, and the deaths of huge of numbers of fish and other wildlife. And don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s somebody else’s problem; the preservatives and petrochemicals you flush down the drain find their way back around through birth defects, empowered super-bug diseases and reduced economic output – with a cons list like that, the argument for these toxic ingredients grows weaker by the day. They are much less effective, far more harmful, and simply don’t feel as good as potent, all natural products that have the well-being of you and your planet in mind.


#3 Organic Products Nourish your Skin with Real Nutrients

Organic products use naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that nurture and nutrify your skin. Iron Oxide, Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide are fine examples of natural ingredients that are ubiquitous across organic mineral makeups that both nourish your skin and also protect it from daily wear and tear and premature aging by shielding against harmful UV; all without a smidgen of toxicity or unwanted side effects.


#4 Mainstream Cosmetics and Skincare Products are subject to lax legislative standards

As it stands now, the cosmetic aisle is like the wild wild west of your typical store – with cosmetic companies subject to very little regulation, many of them have capitalized on the lax regulatory standards by putting just about anything into their products that will lower their bottom line. Even famous, household brands with longstanding reputations have, as better science and testing have been applied to them, been linked to some seriously insidious side effects. The laws governing cosmetic formulations are so loose, even chemicals that have been empirically shown to be carcinogenic – chemicals that increase your risk of cancer – are legally permissible ingredients! You know who never puts cancer in the product? Mother Nature. All you have to do to enjoy a safe and effective product is not put cancerous toxins in it – seems simple enough, but these sinister additives are ubiquitous across shelves all over the world. Do yourself a favor, and shed words like carcinogen and toxin out of the conversation itself by using only organic products, the only products guaranteed to be totally free of GMO’s, synthetic hormones, unsafe preservatives and harmful chemicals.


What You Need to Know About Nesara

At Nesara, we are dedicated to achieving a higher state of wellbeing and beauty through nature and nature alone. All of our products contain only the raw, untapped goodness mother nature intended, designed to give your body the best in nutrition, luxury and comfort without any toxic additives or side effects. We use zero harmful chemicals, zero unsafe preservatives, and only the finest in all natural ingredients, all sourced from their places of origin, so that you’re getting only the good with none of the bad. At Nesara, we harness a symbiosis of nature and science, combining the best benefits of both worlds to make sure you get the real deal when it comes to luxurious, all natural and super effective body care.

As part of our journey to perfect a modern, all natural approach to human self-care, we strive to ensure all of our products conform to both mother nature and our collective humanity.

Everything you see in our catalog is certified Recyclable down to the last molecule, so all of your purchases come completely karma free.

We are against animal testing. We believe in pursuing a unity with nature, and as such nothing we work with, nor any of our products have ever been used to inflict pain or suffering of any kind on unwitting animal subjects.

Nesara products are manufactured in cGMP Certified facility. Everything we produce adheres to the strict regulatory standards that ensure the utmost in safety, quality and precaution in all of our formulations and manufacturing practices.

As part of our quest to achieve equilibrium with nature and our world we at Nesara devote portion of our resources towards Women’s Empowerment. By purchasing Nesara products, you are making a small donation towards equal rights and parity.

All of Nesara’s products are 100% Handmade. You can take delight in knowing that each individual product you receive was crafted with expert hands and under watchful eyes, subject to an unsurpassed level of artisanry and attention to detail.

We are thoroughly organic – with both USDA Organic and India Organic certification. We use only approved ingredients, both grown and processed organically. None of our products contain toxic or synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s, synthetic growth hormones or artificial preservatives. Everything you see in our catalog is pure, fresh and Vegans too can rejoice, for everything we make adheres to the principles of veganism – no animal products, no animal harm. Everything is natural, plant based, unadulterated and in accordance with the natural cycle of mother nature.